Why Barcelona?

Visiting Researchers’ Comments

Eliana ElianaGonzález Neira
I stayed for 6 months (January – July 2017) at the ICSO group of the IN3-UOC for a Ph.D. research externship. I worked and collaborated with some people of the group, sharing also my experience with the rest of the ICSO members. This period was satisfactory because I learned a lot from my working group and all the people was very kind with me. I felt very comfortable and everyone was very supportive. The visit was also very productive because it gave me the opportunity to continue collaborating with the director and the members of the group in future research.

 Abdullah Almouhanna (Saudi Arabia)
“I spent between March and April 2017 at the IN3-UOC participating in research activities as a part of my PhD related to Logistics and Supply Chain Management. During that time I developed my research skills and specifically learnt a number of useful research techniques related to my PhD work. I also had the opportunity to contribute towards a research paper. The atmosphere in IN3-UOC is positive and inspiring. All members of the group are wonderfully supportive and friendly as they are always ready to help. I am very grateful for the opportunity and support. Thank you all.”

Lorena Reyes (Colombia)
I spent 1 month (January 2017 – February 2017) at the IN3-UOC. I had the opportunity to work and enjoy with the team members. My experience was very productive because I learned a lot about programming languages and I was able to achieve significant progress regarding my Ph.D thesis. In addition, all the members of the group are wonderful people who were always available and attentive to help me.

Daniele Ferone (Italy)
“I spent 6 months (September 2016 – February 2017) at the IN3-UOC for a Ph.D. period abroad. I had the opportunity to collaborate with different people of the group, and all team members kindly received and supported me. My experience was very productive and enjoyable at the same time. Moreover, Barcelona is a wonderful city!”

manuelManuel Eliseu (Portugal)
“I went to IN3 as a part of my master thesis project, related to logistics problems of a Home Care center. I stayed in Barcelona for 2 months in 2016. During that time I was really happy for being well received. I made part of a great team that supported me and helped me developing part of my thesis. It was a great experience and it was great to understand how the world of investigation works.”


 asolerDr. Amparo-Soler Domínguez (Spain)
“In 2015 I had the opportunity to participate in a challenging and inspiring project at IN3. All the research team members were very welcoming, and they made my stay a highly rewarding experience. The high standards of professionalism and solid commitment to quality research were integral to work routines, all within the exceptional facilities and outstanding atmosphere the host institution offers. I would highly recommend visiting the IN3, and enjoying the opportunities the city of Barcelona holds for its visitors. My overall experience was very fruitful and I left my research stay having made real friends and potential co-authors to collaborate on research for impact publications ;)”

Daniela Mazza (Italy)Daniela
“Spending three months at the IN3 for a PhD period abroad was an unbeatable opportunity for meeting outstanding people, enhancing my technical and human experience, and enjoying the wonderful city of Barcelona! I really became part of the team very quickly, embraced and inspired to challenge myself. The atmosphere was encouraging, amazing, and agile, making me thrilled to participate.”


Christian Fikar (Austria) “In March 2014 and March 2015 I had the opportunity to stay at IN3-UOC to collaborate in research regarding my PhD thesis. I always enjoy coming to Barcelona, meeting the colleagues here and working together in interesting fields. I can only highly recommend you to visit this institution.”


aljGrulerAljoscha Gruler
(Germany) “I am a German master student in ‘Logistics and Supply Chain Management’ and I spend 3 months (June-September 2014) at the UOC in Barcelona to do an internship in logistics research. Thanks to the great support of this team, I adapted very fast to the new working environment. So I can say that I really had a unique and rewarding experience.”


rachelLuoRachel Luo 
(USA) “Working with the IN3 was an amazing opportunity to spend the summer studying a technical field in Spain. Not only did I get the chance to see how research in Statistics/OR is done, I also met many incredible people and gained a new global perspective. I was able to challenge myself both research-wise and culturally, in a global context.”


Cesar Cuenca
(Peru) “The opportunity to work at IN3-HAROSA was an invaluable one. Not only did I manage to have time to visit many of the wonderful touristic attractions that Barcelona has to offer, but also I enjoyed my time working at the research institute. I just want to add that the work environment was encouraging, fun, and flexible, allowing me to enjoy every day of my stay.”

Andreia Monteiro (Portugal)
“A minha experiência no IN3 foi fantástica. Para começar o edifício é fantástico e tem condições óptimas. Mas principalmente a oportunidade de fazer parte de um óptima equipa de trabalho, de ter contacto com outros investigadores, de diferentes países e puder partilhar experiências e conhecimentos foram sem dúvida as mais-valias desta nova experiência na minha vida”.


coccolaMariana Coccola
(Argentina) “I can say that the internship has totally met my expectations since I had a wonderful time in Barcelona. Even more interesting is that the IN3-UOC promotes valuable research collaborations among graduate students from different countries in the world. I really enjoyed this experience!”


Karan Sagar (USA) “The IN3-UOC offered us the opportunity to work in Barcelona and grow professionaKaranlly at the same time. We had interesting work, a motivated group of colleagues, and a positive atmosphere. Moreover, we experienced a new culture at the university. For me, the internship was invaluable.”


gonzaloRodrigo Muñoz
(USA) “It’s been fun to see how research is done in the real world. I got to directly contribute towards a research paper, which was a very unique experience. This internship has provided me with many great learning opportunities and has helped me grow as a person.”


Barry Barrios (USA) “The most valuable part of the internship was being able to network with other professors in Spain, publish a paper in a journal, and most importantly, staying in contact with them after the internship ended. The fact is it isn’t a 3 or 6 months experience, it is an experience that will be a part of you for the rest of your professional career.”


(Italy) “…Through this experience I had the possibility to complete or acquire much knowledge in language and technical way. So now I completed my capacity in another language very useful like Spanish is. I was surrounded of persons very prepared and always ready to help me in all the different moments of my internship with advice and tips.


Dragos Ionescu (Romania) “I had a great time in Barcelona and Pamplona, and I enjoyed the work tDragos_Jorge_Angelhat I’ve done. I feel that during my research stage I have learned a lot about writing a good technical paper, and I have improved my presentation skills. Also, participating at an international conference and giving a talk there was a unique experience, for which I am very grateful. Now, at the end of the summer.”


jorge-simosa-1Jorge Simosa
(USA) “The internship abroad has had a significant impact on my life as it was an opportunity to both challenge myself both academically and socially in a global environment. Through the MISTI internship, I have been able to develop research experience in EECS, thus giving me insight into possible future careers, both in industry and academia.”


JoshJosh Hester (USA) “Working with these professors has been inspiring because they have demonstrated true commitment to their ideas, even in the face of discouragement from “experts”. Thank you for an excellent two months at the UOC and in Barcelona!”



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