Research Lines

Large-scale Distributed Systems

Dr. Joan Manuel Marquès

We are interested in the design and development of large-scale distributed systems based on non-dedicated resources, that are voluntarily contributed by the participants in the system.

Current projects involved:

Collaborative Learning Systems

Dr. Atanasi Daradoumis

We investigate issues concerning Computer-Mediated Collaboration and Learning within an Adaptive, Interactive, Personalized, Emotion and Context-aware Environment, the design of an integrated model of cognitive e-assessment based on emotional-affective aspects, as well as the development of a live and effective Learning Organization that provides better professional development through collaboration, adaptive training and support in the work place.

Optimization Algorithms for Smart Logistics & Production

Dr. Angel A. Juan

We develop metaheuristic algorithms for supporting complex decision-making processes in different fields, including: transportation & logistics, smart cities, Internet computing, production systems, finance, etc. In particular, our simheuristic algorithms combine metaheuristic optimization, simulation, and parallelization techniques to efficiently deal with uncertainty issues in real-life scenarios.

Data Science

Dr. Laura Calvet

Data analysis is the process of capturing, preprocessing, analyzing, and creating visualization tools and reports in order to transform data into knowledge. Therefore, data analysis enables agents (individuals, companies, governments, …) to make better decisions. We focus on the development of related tools and their applications in the fields of business intelligence, health, e-learning, finance, computational biology, and sports.