Who Are We?

The ICSO Consolidated Research Group’s most valuable resource is its team of talented and culturally diverse women and men.  The team is composed of UOC Professors, IN3 Researchers, Postdocs, and PhD students.  Together, they bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in mathematics, economics, statistics, project management, logistics and supply chain management, and computer and industrial engineering.  Moreover, they are committed to developing problem solving methodologies and technologies that have a positive social impact by applying strict analytical and interdisciplinary methods.


Christopher Bayliss

John F. Cardona

Juliana Castaneda

Leandro do Carmo

Josep Cobarsí

Pedro J. Copado

Thanasis Daradoumis

Aida Fneich

Angel A. Juan

Joan M. Marquès

Diego Oliva

Samia Oukemeni

Javier Panadero

Antoni Perez

Mohammad Peyman

Daniel Riera

Rafael Tordecilla

Xanthippi Tsortanidou

Ferran Echaves

Albert Blanco

Juan Francisco Gómez 
Part-time members

Marta Arguedas

Stephanie Alvarez

Sergio Benito

Eirini Dellatola

Mariem Gandouz

Stéphanie García

Elissavet Gkimitzoudi

Sandhya Gunnes

Brenda Janot

Ana Juan Ferrer

David López

Marisa Lostumbo

Juan Rodríguez

Miguel Saiz

Carles Serrat

Barry Barrios

Jésica de Armas

Jana Doering

Daniele Ferone

Alberto Ferrer

Alfons Freixes

Adela Pages

David Raba

Martí Serra